Manufacturing for Oil & Gas

Surging oil and gas production is creating jobs that extend well beyond the oil patch to manufacturing shops.  South Dakota is no exception.  Our members service many of the sectors in the oil and gas industry, and the manufacturing capabilities are nearly endless.

We’re home to many manufacturers directly serving the oil and gas industry.  From the construction of pipelines, storage tanks, and workforce housing to welding, metal fabrication, industrial equipment repair, and technology needs, companies in South Dakota are a perfect match for the industry.  The location of South Dakota to the Bakken and Powder River couldn’t be any better, especially when oil markets have recently dropped.

Oil & Gas Industry Boosts Manufacturing

Primary manufacturing in the Rushmore Region: For the year 2012, the Black Hills region had 244 manufacturing businesses with 3,317 employees, which equaled 4.2 percent of the region’s workforce.